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About the Book

Most people haven’t had the birds and the bees talk for ten to twenty years by the time they’re trying to conceive, plus that talk was focused on not getting pregnant. When it comes time to make a baby and then it doesn’t happen…we don’t know what to do! Over twelve percent of all women are considered subfertile and another 6.7% are considered infertile, according to the CDC.

Coping and Hoping with Infertility is a book for people who are childless not by choice. It’s for people who know they are meant to be a parent, but for some reason or other their family is still incomplete. It has some personal advice, some bits of memoir, with some information on conceiving included. Most of all, it is a journal for you to record your hopes for the future, your plans to make it happen, to track your cycle, for visits to the doctor, and to write about your experience. The book’s release date is to be determined.

Advanced Praise for Coping and Hoping with Infertility:

“I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling to conceive. The author gives excellent tips about understanding your body and is relatable in her frustrations, and in her hopes of becoming a mother.” –Allison O